Sunday 21 December 2014

Banana Rose Smoothy


I like to Enjoy smoothies or milkshakes in any season. And nowadays my two years Lil one is growing up so I need to give her nutritious food, nutritious liquids, And bananas are rich in energy and good for growing babies and kids. So Today I just feed my baby a healthy yet tasty Rose banana smoothie. She likes Rose syrup taste..So I add it in a smoothy..

Let me share one funny incident with you guys, That when I was trying to get my baby to rid out from her's milk bottle, That was very tough time for me to get rid out of it..She likes strawberry Ice cream a lot, so When I make her to have milk by glass..she just refuse to have it, and asking me that where is her bottle?..So I add Lil amount of rose syrup in her milk glass and pour milk in it...The milk turns to light pink color...I gave her that glass and told her that here Is your strawberry Ice cream....And Believe me she had it very happily...:)..:)..So Today also this smoothie is a strawberry Icecream for her!!!:) :)

So, let's enjoy this yummy smoothie..!!!


Banana - 1 medium
Milk - ½ cup
Rose Syrup: 5-6H
Honey or sugar - to taste


1. First whip the banana and milk in blender or processor about 2-3 minutes. So it becomes smooth, creamy.

2. Then add Rose syrup and sugar blend it.

3. Remove it to a glass and enjoy.

Enjoyyy the Freshness!!!

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