Saturday 11 June 2016

Cheesy Aloo Bread Pakora

Pakora  also called Pakoda is a fried snack (fritter), Pakodas are popular across India, They are sometimes served in a yogurt-based curry  which is called salan, as main dish, pakoda curry, rather than as a separate snack. In this case, the pakodas are generally doughier and are made from chopped or mashed Potato onion, and chili mixed into the batter.

Pakodas are created by taking one or two ingredients, such as onion, eggplant, potato, spinach,  Paneer,  or mix vegetables. They are also occasionally prepared with bread, They are dipped in a batter made from gram flour and then deep-fried. The most popular varieties include pyaaz pakoda, made from onion, and aloo pakoda, made from potato. Other variations include Palak pakoda, made from spinach, and paneer pakoda, made from Paneer (soft cottage cheese). They are also known ad=s bhajias.  Pakodas are usually served as a snack or appetizer. Pakodas are popular as a fast food snack. They are also often served with chai to guests arriving to attend Indian wedding ceremonies, and are usually complemented with tamarind chutney, brown sauce, or ketchup. Its a perfect Tea time snack, to enjoy with Tea or coffee..Some people also fry some Green chilies with it and they enjoy this fried chilies with these Pakodas.

Stuffed Aloo Bread pakodas are my favorite one, I was not able to control myself when I was making it. To make them more delicious I have added Cheese slices in it...And It was so so yum... These Pakoras are stuffed with boiled and mashed Potato mixture. The mixture contains, Onions, ginger and chili paste, some spices, and lots of chopped coriander leaves. Many people add some curry leaves too, Curry leaves enhance the flavor of this mixture, I haven't added curry leaves in it though it was delicious. This recipe is inspired by Tarala dalal's recipe. You can enjoy them with Tomato ketch up, or with some green chutney or with Sweet and tangy tamarind chutney. Its also a perfect snack when guests are there at teatime. So check out the step by step recipe below and Enjoyy this cheesy Aloo Bread Pakoras.


6 Slices White Bread
3 slices of Cheese

For Aloo Masala

1 cup boiled, peeled and mashed potatoes
2 tsp oil
1/4 Cup Onions, Chopped
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp ginger-green chili paste
1 tbsp finely chopped coriander
Salt to taste

For batter:
1 cup Besan (Bengal gram flour)
1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
1/2 tsp chili powder
A pinch of Asafoetida (hing)
Salt to taste
Water as required


1. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick pan and add the mustard seeds.and saute Onions until they turned pink.

2. Add the potatoes, turmeric powder, ginger-green chili paste, coriander and salt, mix well and cook on a medium flame for one minute.

3. Now take a bowl and add Besan, turmeric powder, chili powder, hing and salt mix them all well, and add the water as required to make it thick pouring consistency batter.

4. Spread a portion of this aloo masala evenly on slice of bread and Put Cheese slice on it then place another slice of bread over it, press lightly and cut it diagonally into 4 equal pieces.

5. Heat the oil in a deep non-stick kadhai, dip one piece at a time in the Besan batter and deep-fry on a medium flame till it turns crisp and golden brown in color from both the sides. Drain on an absorbent paper.

6. Serve it with any sweet and tangy chutney, or with ketch up...perfect tea time snack to Enjoy :)