Sunday 5 June 2016

Virgin Bluberry Peach Mojito

Traditionally, a mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water, and mint. Its combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus, and mint flavors is intended to complement the potent kick of the rum, and has made this clear highball a popular summer drink. The cocktail has a relatively low alcohol content. When preparing a mojito, lime juice is added to sugar (or syrup) and mint leaves. The mixture is then gently mashed with a Muddler. The mint leaves should only be bruised to release the essential oils and should not be shredded. Then rum is added and the mixture is briefly stirred to dissolve the sugar and to lift the mint leaves up from the bottom for better presentation. Finally, the drink is topped with ice and sparkling soda water or sprite. 

Here I am making Virgin Blueberry Peach Mojito, which is alcohol free, and this Blueberry syrup is homemade, The combination is outstanding, and this is so refreshing drink in this scorching in doha, the temperature is not so high, But still heat is heat...If you are thinking to go out and have some shopping, well, You cant go in daytime, After evening you can think to go out and have some good time. As from tomorrow the holy month Ramadaan is going to start, All the malls are full on big bang sale and offers, I really want to go out and grab this opportunity to have a shopping. But this heat is not allowing me to go out in day time. This drink will be perfect for this summer and make your body to feel fresh and fresh. 

Yesterday, There was a cricket match between Himanshu's Office guys, He informed me this on yesterday morning, and I was planning to make some drink, So I thought lets just make it now and let me serve it before he leave for the match. On a weekend only, I bought some yellow peaches and blueberries and thought to make some refreshing drink from these fruits...I had a thought to make mojito, Then its strike in mind, That will contain white Rum, So, dropped the idea to make it. Again thought that we can make it alcohol free too. So made this alcohol free mojito with sprite, fresh mint leaves, Pureed Peach, Blueberry syrup, Lemon juice and loads of Ice cubes. Quickly made Blueberry syrup, Cool down it and made this super refreshing Mojito, By the time he was sleeping, and I was done with my photography so that I can serve him. He had this Mojito, He was so happy, felt so refreshing, and left the home. But don't ask me that did his team won the match? Well....;) Nooooo ..hahahha...Only one match they won..Rest they didn't. ;) This post I am contributing to my dearest friend Parvathy's summer cooler collection..check out the awesome collection of recipes on her blog


4 peaches, Pureed
3 Tbsp Blueberry Syrup
1/2 Cup Mint leaves
4-5 Tbsp Lime juice
300 ml Sprite
10-12 Ice cubes


1. Prepare Blueberry sugar syrup by heating 11/2 Tbsp of Sugar in 1/4 cup water on low to medium flame. Let the sugar dissolve completely. And add blueberries and allow to simmer for a minute. Turn off flame and bring the sugar syrup to room temperature.

2. Take a serving glass, add 6-7 fresh mint leaves, a tbsp of sugar syrup and a little more than a tbsp of lemon juice. Use a muddler or a spoon to gently crush the mint leaves. Add Ice cubes as you want to add.
3. Slowly pour the chilled sprite into the glass till it almost reaches the brim and stir to mix.

Serve it chilled !!!!  


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