Friday 6 May 2016

Oreo Milkshake

A Super Yummy, Very easy with few ingredients and delicious milkshake is ready in seconds. I am diehard fan of Oreo cookies...Like mom, Prisha is also a fan of Oreo Cookies. She enjoys this cookies, like every child do, make a part of two cookies and lick that yummy cream. Mmm, Insanly delicious!! And yes, When it comes to the milkshake version of these cookies, we both gone mad. her father is not so Oreo fan. He doesn't like this cookies. So me and Prisha are the only owner of this cookies big packet. ;) Lol...

When I was making this milkshake yesterday, Prisha was like, Its very tough to get her rid out of the kitchen, The rain of her countess questions was again on my head, Mom, What are you doing with my Oreo cookies?? Mom Why are you making this?? Is that for me only?? Are you going to have this also??? OMG!!!!! I was like, Prisha Plsss....;) And like always she just smile, and I am clean bold :) Every time she does that and with her smile, I always calm down in a milliseconds ;) Though it was very tough to take a pictures of this glasses, My god Damn difficult time for me.....Even Doreamon cannot help me to take Prisha out of this ;) She was just standing near me, want to have this, I was thinking to take a picture with her, that she is enjoying her milkshake, And guess what, I tried this and when I gave her a glass and told her just take a lil sip of milkshake and I will capture that moment....She didnt even listen to me, she had the half glass of it and I need to make an another glass for time, whenever I am going to make anything which is so so favorite of prisha, I will make sure prisha is not there ;)

Summer is on its high peak, and Our body needs something cool, chilled and liquid. There are so many beverages, milkshakes, but this milkshake will be like by everyone...The reason is only its a chocolaty, I mean damn chocolaty, That dark chocolate color makes me more inviting, and delicious chocolate syrup makes this milkshake heaven. So Enjoy this super delicious Oreo milkshake with Ice cream and get rid out of this hot summer...


8 Oreo Biscuits
2 Scoops Vanilla Ice cream
1/4 Cup Milk
1 Tbsp Chocolate syrup
 Chocolate syrup and whipped cream for garnishing


1. Take a blender, break Oreo biscuits in it, Add milk, Ice cream and chocolate syrup blend until smooth.

2. Pour in the glasses, top it up with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup.