Monday 9 May 2016

Mango Coconut Icecream

Mother's Day is a very very special day, I cant explain the bond with my mother. The relationship between mothers and daughters affects women strongly at all stages of their lives. Even though not all women become mothers, all are obviously daughters, and daughters have mothers.
For any daughter, the relationship with her mother is the first relationship in her life, and may also be the most important she will ever have. Dependency has played a particular part in the social role of women; the daughter who remains dependent on her mother will transfer her dependency to her husband and will expect her daughter to be dependent on her, repeating the cycle. In the context of her relationship with her mother a daughter first learns what it means to be a person but finds that she is not encouraged to develop a sense of her own separate identity.

She has taught me to always try my best, to treat everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard. She tells me to at all times be honest because in the end, lies always hurt more. She instills the importance of family. When I make decisions and she doesn’t always agree with them, She makes sure that I know that she is behind me all the way because she wants me to always be happy. She has taught me right from wrong and the significance of self-respect. She is my mother, the greatest influence in my life. Not only as a mom but also as a friend. Teenage girls want their mother both close to them and far away emotionally, but they are not sure how to achieve this so they give mixed signals. The daughters push away and instinctively their mothers try to regain control of their connection by pursuing the emotional closeness. Today going to share so many inner thoughts of being a mother and what my mother was feeling when I was her teenage daughter... Mom, I literally understand all the feelings which you had when I was with you...When I am blessed with Prisha, The journey since 3 years, Now I know how you gone through with twin kids (Me and My Brother). I can understand how you did take care of me and Vivi....You were also alone to take care of us, As I am here right now...I can Totally feel that concern when I was ill, When Vivi was not well. I can feel that things when Prisha don't listen to me, and I feel like why don't she??? As I did that same way, Now I understand How did u feel at that time? Now, each and every aspects of life of being mother is I am going through, and I Hats off to you Mom, Thank you so much for being my backbone, for being my wonderful Mother.

This is our 39th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop Event and this time our event is dedicated to our Moms... Our theme is #Mothersdayspecial and We are making something for Our Mom or her specialty...I tried to dedicate something sweet to her, and so tried to make some easy and instant Ice cream, which is no fuss and no need to have that ice cream making stuffs like G.M.C  and C.M.C powder. In this Ice cream you will need only Condense milk, Mango pulp, Coconut Milk and heavy cream. Trust me it is so so delicious, I personally love the coconut flavor. So, lets we all say together ...I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice cream ;) 
Lets check out this easy and quick Mango Coconut Ice cream recipe and Enjoyy!!!


1 Can Condense Milk
1 Cup Coconut Milk
3 Cup Mango Pulp
2 Cup Heavy Cream
1 tsp Vanilla Essence


1. Take a Bowl and add Condense Milk, and Coconut milk, and Vanilla Essence mix it well Finally add all the remaining ingredients (Heavy Cream and Mango pulp) Mix them well too.

2. Place this Mixture in airtight container and let it be set for 4-5 hours in freezer. Take it out from the freezer and again churn this set Ice cream mixture, Again put this mixture in that same container and freeze it for next 6-7 hours. Your Ice cream is ready to Enjoyy!!!

(Note: When you churn the mixture do not churn it until so liquid foam, the mixture should hold the volume and does not fall flat.)


  1. Very nicely written waagmi..and tounge tickling icecream

  2. truly a tropical combo ice cream with less hassle.

  3. Lovely and touching Waagmi! True we understand the importance of a person's efforts only when we step into their shoes. I am sir Aunty is always proud of you. ���� As always a lovely and refreshing summer recipe as an ode to Aunty.

  4. Lovely write up Waagmi. Ice-cream looks so inviting. Loved it.

  5. Lovely write up Waagmi. Ice-cream looks so inviting. Loved it.

  6. the ice cream is just too tempting Waagmi. I didn't know you have a twin brother. My second born are twins. Boy and girl. Well with only one year gap between the eldest and the twins it was like raising triplets.

  7. Lovely write up and classic share Waagmi!! Tempting clicks too.

  8. Lovely idea for ice-cream..all-time favourite :)