Monday 21 March 2016

Eggless Mango Tiramisu

Tiramisu...Everyone knows that the meaning of Tiramisu is 'Pick me up', Its a Popular Coffee flavored Italian Dessert and being an Italian lover, This dessert is must whenever I visit any Italian restaurant....It is made of lady’s fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and Mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa. In the original recipe there is no liquor or egg whites. Countless variations of Tiramisu exist. Some cooks use other cakes or sweet, yeasted breads, such as Panettone, in place of ladyfingers. Other cheese mixtures are used as well, some containing raw eggs, and others containing no eggs at all.

Holi is just around the Corner, And We #foodiemonday Team has decided to make this Monday Colorful....As last Monday we all have posted beautiful, Innovative Thandai Recipes...And You all appreciated our work, My Holi soecial post was Black Cherry Glazed Thandai Burfi which was Simple and Innovative, (You can simply click the link and get the recipe), This Time we all have selected different Colors and so our theme is #Festivalofcolors....I have selected Yellow Color, well not my favorite but Since a long I wants to make this Mango Tiramisu and Got this opportunity to select the color and grab it. ;) This Gorgeous looking Mango Tiramisu is so so delicious as the taste of Tiramisu Creme merge very nicely with Mango Pulp. I Loved the taste and Enjoyed it in our yesterday's Dinner. Mangoes are available now in markets, So Now you can easily make any desserts from mangoes, including this Mango Tiramisu ;) A erfect dessert for this summer...The Beautiful color enhance the craving of having desserts after dinner..Mascarpone cheese, Cream and Mango...Woow....Super hit combination!! So If you want to make something Easy and Quick in this Holi, Do try this Gorgeous looking dessert and again get so many Wooooow From your Loved once. So, A fresh take on the rich Italian dessert this mango tiramisu is best for anytime dessert craving !! So check out the very simple recipe and Enjoyyyy it :)


11/2 Cup Milk
2 Cup Cream
200 gm Tiramisu crème Powder (I am using Ready made Tiramisu crème)
500 Gm Mango Pulp
2 Cup Mango pieces
Whipped Cream to garnish


1. Place the diced Mango pieces into the glasses in which you are going to serve this Tiramisu.

2. Pour the milk and cream into a bowl, add Tiramisu crème Powder and whip on maximum speed, for 4 minutes.

3. Fill a piping bag and dispense the tiramisu mix onto the layer of diced Mango pieces and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

4. Now make a layer of Mango Pulp on Tiramisu crème layer and again chill it at least for half an hour. Garnish it with whipped Cream or with Mango pieces or slices.!! Serve Chill.

So in this Summer, Enjoyyyy this Royal Italian Dessert in Mango flavor....!!!!!!!!!! Happy Holi in advance :)

Don't have Tiramisu crème???????

If you are not able to find Tiramisu crème, You can simply make it at home too....For that Take a bowl and add 200 gm Cream cheese, 1/4 cup Sugar and 3-4 drops of Vanilla Extract....Mix them very well...Now add 2 Cups of Whipped Cream and Fold this Mixture...Your Tiramisu crème is ready to use!!!


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