Thursday 10 March 2016

Custard Trifle

A Trifle is often used for decoration as well as taste, incorporating the bright, layered colors of the fruit, Cakes, Jam and the contrast of the creamy yellow custard and white cream. I love that colors of layers when we serve it to the Family, its eye catching and 99% Nobody will say that annoying 'NO' for this ;) Hahahah...Yes, I also don't like When we make something with so much efforts and love and when a person say No No...So I always try to make my food or any dish which looks good while we present it...This Custard Trifle is nothing, just a layers of different Cakes, Fruits, Cream and Custard....But the looks surely makes a person like 'let's grab it' ;) 

When you have all the Ingredients ready It takes hardly 15 minutes to assemble ....That's why I like this simply and Royal dessert, which is fuss free and obviously so delicious!!! Well, Frankly speaking I am not a fan of custard....but yes I can have Fruit custard with nuts..[Not so so much, like I am dying to have ;)] Initially I was not so in to use custard for making this trifle...I asked Hishu that what you want to have in dessert tonight??? Like as usual his answer..."Whatever you like" ...Ohhhhh this annoying reply...Well...again as usual I asked..Plss tell me what you want to have?...And he said what Ingredients you have to make the dessert :) Well, Don't be surprised guys, Though he never cook anything, in spite of Tea, he knows all the ingredients very well..I don't know, How??? ;) I said this, this, that that!!! And OK...He kept mum...After 2 minutes, I had this some of things in my mind and I just told him can I make a Trifle...As I have some fruits and some cakes, and some other ingredients....And within a second he said I want to have custard too in the trifle without fruits an honest, I was not happy when he said A Custard ;) But Thts ok, As we all ladies do, whatever husband likes We gonna make them Happy...And like all you do I did the same..;)

So using Only Apples for the garnishing, this Trifle is full of Cakes, Cream and Custard. I must say the taste was pretty awesome, You can surely Enjoyy a Trifle without fruits too...A soft, creamy and delicious Dessert to enjoy your after dinner sweet craving and I bet you will love to have it at anytime. Hmmm...If you are so calorie conscious, I will not suggest you to have it ;) Me also so much calorie conscious girl, But yaa sometimes, I just ignore it and next day in gym 4 kms for sure running ;)  Give a jump to this yummy dessert Ocean, and Enjoyy yourself in sweet swimming ;) Check out the very simple step by step recipe below and do share your comments for this wonderful dessert recipe !!! :)


2 Cup Crumbled Vanilla Sponge cake
2 Cup Crumbled Chocolate Sponge Cake
2 Cup Vanilla Custard
1 Cup Whipped Cream
Apple Slices to Garnish


1. Take your choice of Trifle Glasses and make a first level of Crumbled Vanilla Sponge Cake. Press the Crumbled Cake properly and make a perfect layer.

2. Now make another layer of Whipped Cream on the Vanilla Sponge Cake. And Put this layered Glass in a freezer for 5 minutes. (Note: If you are not able to get whipped cream you can simply use thick cream on this layer and after that put this in freezer at least for 15 minutes.)

3. The third layer will be of Crumbled chocolate sponge cake, make a nice layer of this cake and at the the top, a fourth layer is Vanilla Custard layer. Spread the Vanilla Custard on Chocolate sponge cake layer nicely and Put this glass in the Fridge...Like same way make another glass  and serve them with Some Fruit Slices, cool or chilled. I am serving it with Apple slices. You can use your choice of Fruits too.

Note: Trifle is the dessert in which you can make your choice of layers...Like here instead of using another cake layer you can always use some Fruits layer like Banana, mango etc...So, the layer can be of your choice :) One more easy thing, If you have muffins too at home you can crumble them too and use them in this dessert :)

Enjoyyyyy this very simple and delicious dessert in this Summer....!!!!!!!!!!