Monday 29 June 2015

Potato Masala Sandwich (Aloo Masala Sandwich)

Here’s a guaranteed finger-licking Tiffin recipe to give your kids a much deserved break from the routine of Roti sabzi. Aloo Masala Sandwich is very easy to make and a good choice for a healthy and wholesome snack. It is made with mashed potatoes, Garam Masala, coriander leaves. Its a very delicious snack which can had as a breakfast dish or tea time snack.

Aloo Masala Sandwich Toast is totally worth all the time spend for preparing masala or filling and we can also use the same filling to make Paratha or also can use as a sabzi for roti. Instead of eating out, you decided to be both economical and healthful by packing your own lunch. But what’s inside that white bag? This is a my favorite Sandwich, Fast, Easy and yummy too!!

I remember, When I was in school, My mother used to pack these Bunch of sandwiches in my tiffin, My friends loved it too, So I have to carry so may pieces of these sandwiches, and we used to enjoy our lunch with full of joy!! Now, being a mother of a toddler I have to think so many things to give her complete meal with protein, Calcium, Vitamins.....So, If we are making it for kids (Ofcorse we also can add it, But nowadays so many momies are health conscious like me ;)), we can add cheese slices, Some grated carrots, Grated Cabbages...So, For this you will need...


3-4 Potato
1/4 Cup chopped Onion
1/4 Cup Capsicum
1/4 tsp Jeera, Cumin seeds
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
1/2 tsp Redchilly powder
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
1/4 tsp Dhaniya powder
1/4 tsp Garam masala powder
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves


1. Cook the potato in a pressure cooker for 2 whistles, peel the skin and mash it. Keep it aside.

2. Heat a pan with oil and crackle the cumin seeds, then add fennel seeds and chopped onion and saute it till transparent. Then add Capsicum saute it too. Now add the mashed potatoes, spice powders, salt and chopped coriander. Mix it well and cook it for a minute. Put off the flame.

3. Take a bread slice and apply the Plenty amount of stuffing. Sprinkle the chopped onion and keep it aside.Take another slice of bread and apply butter as needed. Close it with the bread slice which has stuffing.

4. Apply some butter on the sandwich maker and top of the bread slice, toast it or toast it in a griddle. Cut it into two triangles.

Serve it Hot!!!:)))