Sunday 7 June 2015

Royal Saffroni (Cold glass dessert)

Cold Glass Desserts!!!! Wide range of these desserts are available in Restaurants!! Even, we also can make and develop new taste and twist with so many ingredients!!!
Like, Chocolate and cookies,Coconut and banana, Chocolate with strawberry (Hit combination), pineapple and kiwi!!

Hot or cold, our dessert recipes can turn an average meal into a memorable event, Cold desserts to make ahead. Refrigerated desserts and easy cold dessert recipes for entertaining and parties.Try making these trendy dessert with your favorite liquors, cookie crumbs and fruit. This is a great opportunity to use any glasses you have on!

In these Cold glass desserts, One thing I would love to share that try to take the combination of Tropical Fruits, If you are using fruits in your Cold glass dessert!! Here I am using Kiwi, You can always take pineapple, kiwi and pineapple both, Oranges etc!! They will give a perfect refreshment!!
Try this yummmy and Refreshing Cold Glass Dessert with flavor of Saffron!!


1 Cup Mixture of Hung curd and fresh cream
1/2 Cup Fresh Cream
1/4 Cup Saffron Sauce
1/2 Cup Chopped Kiwi
1/4 Cup Any Cookies (I had taken Coconut flavor cookies)
1/4 cup Tootty Frutty
Apple slices to Garnish

How to make Saffron Sauce:


1/4 Cup Sugar
water as required
Pinch of Orange red color
Saffron Strands
1 tsp Fresh Cream

1. Take a deep pan and add sugar and water Together. Let it boil for a minutes.

 2. Add Saffron strands in it and let it cook for few more minutes...Add pinch of Orange red color and cook for a minute....We don't need to make here 1 strand or 2 strand sugar syrup...Simpy we need to make sauce consistency of this Saffron sauce.

3. Take off from the gas and add 1 tsp of fresh cream and let it come on room temperature...Your pouring saffron Sauce is Ready !! :)

How to make Hung Curd:


400 gm Low fat Yogurt

1. Simply put, as the name suggests, hang curd in a muslin cloth and let the whey or the liquid drain completely (a process that takes about 4 hours). After pressing the bundle gently, what you have is chakka or hung curd. If you prefer the low fat variety, substitute full fat curd with low-fat.

Add Fresh Cream in this Hung curd and mix it well.

Now, let's Assemble this Cold Glass Dessert ROYAL SAFFRONI

1. Prepare your dessert glasses by making sure they are clean.

2. Next, drizzle in the Saffron sauce making sure to drizzle it down the sides of the glasses so your guests can see the sauce!

3. place the kiwi pieces on it, then with a spoon, gently put the layer of hung curd and fresh cream on it.

4. Place some cookie pieces on it, Then Drizzle some more saffron sauce on it.

5. Repeat same process with starting kiwi, then hung curd mixture and cookie pieces and make layers until your glass is full....Garnish it with some Tooty frutty and apple slices!!

6. Cover the glass by cling film and put in the fridge at least for 4-5 hours!!!

Serve chill!!!



  1. Its beautiful, delicious .Can I have glass please :)

    1. Ofcorse dear Kushi!!! Whole glass is urs sweetheart!!