Saturday 9 April 2016

Andhra Style Corn Vada

Vada is a common term for many different types of savory fritter-type snacks from South India with a set of common ingredients. Due to their popularity, they have spread throughout the world. Vada can vary in shape and size, but are usually either donut disc-shaped. As well as being commonly prepared at home, Vada are popular items in street stall. They are eaten throughout the day but most commonly as a part of breakfast alongside idli- sambar or in teatime too. Vada are generally prepared from a thick batter of gram flour or coarsely ground Bengal gram which has been fermented or not fermented. This mixture is then seasoned by mixing with cumin seeds, onion, curry leaves, salt, chillies and/or black pepper grains.

Corn Vada are very famous tea time snack, But Andhra style Corn Vada are quite delicious and love to make them anytime...Chana dal, Indian Corn kernels, Ginger, Green chilies, makes this Vada so so delicious...Crispy, Spicy and yummy Corn Vada are hot favorite at my home. 

Normally We dont prefer fried food much at home, But sometimes we would love to have them, As we used to make Aloo Bade, Some Onion Fritters, Mix veg Fritters. Since a week the weather is so good in doha, Its a cloudy one, So automatically You feel to have something like this, Yesterday the sky was full of clouds, and I had only one thought in my mind to have "Bhajias" (Fritters), Since so many days I didnt make tgis Andhra style Vada, So land up with this thought that today when Himanshu will come back to the home, I am going to give him this hot hot Vada for his everyday snack craves after office. He came and I served him this Andhra style Corn Vada, And he loved it. A big smile on his face :) Even Me and prisha enjoyed this Corn Vada before he came ;) she also liked it. she had only one Vada but thts ok, Atleast she had it, Thts enough for me. So If you want to make this delicious Andhra style corn vada, lets take a tour of the recipe below :)


1/2 Cup Chana daal, Soaked and drained
11/2 Cup Corn Kernels
2 Green chilies
1 Piece Ginger
2 Dry Red chilies
1/2 Cup Onion, chopped
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds
1 Tbsp Curry leaves
4 Tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped
1/4 Cup Gram Flour
Salt to taste


1. Take a mixer jar and add soaked and drained chana dal, corn kernels, Ginger, Green chilies, Curry leaves and dry chilies, make as coarse paste.

2. Now, Take a Bowl and transfer this coarse paste in it add Gram flour, chopped coriander leaves, Cumin seeds, Sweet corn kernels, salt to taste, Mix this mixture well.

3. Heat a deep pan with Oil, Take some oil on your palm and make Vada, deep fry them and put them on a tissue paper for sometime and serve them hot with any chutney.