Sunday 2 August 2015

Fruits and Cream Glass Dessert

Craving a little sugar is no stranger to any of us, no matter how staunchly one might deny it. Whether you prefer chocolate, sweetened fruit or a good slice of cake everybody has their own pudding Achilles heel that they are powerless to resist.

Very easy dessert, ready in no time. Sometimes experiments in cooking result in amazing tastes. I had some whipping cream left over from my yesterday's kiddo Party. I thought of creating a new dessert using these left over item along with few other items normally available at home (lemon zest, some fresh fruits etc). And the result of this experiment was a wonderful dessert that I named as 'Fruit and Cream Glass Dessert'.

Mini desserts are just a little taste of something sweet after the meal without really being an indulgence, The benefit of the mini dessert is that you get to eat the whole dessert by yourself and have an indulgence in moderation without spending a lot of Points Plus for it. When you share a dessert, you are tempted to eat more than you should. :);)

Custard, pudding, parfaits, and mousse: All these decadent desserts can be eaten with a spoon, served in a bowl, and dressed up or down, making them the perfect treat for any occasion, But Glass Desserts are Gorgeous and you cant stop yourself by having them in one time. [without watching here and there ;)] I am also the same person in the matter of desserts...They are my weakness, when it comes to desserts I always keep on my eyes that what will be going to serve or if I am going to make it, For sure I will not keep calories in my mind, and simply make it ;)...Here, the same thing happened again, as I mentioned above, a good amount of whipped cream in my fridge, and have to make something by it, so, here's the result :) For this we will need:


150 ml Whipping cream 
3 Tbsp Icing Sugar
3-4 Pieces of Sponge Cake
1 Tbsp Fresh lemon zest
2 Large Banana, chopped
1 Apple, chopped
3 Tbsp Chocolate Sauce
2 Tbsp Strawberry sauce
Some colorful vermicelli for Garnishing
Apple, sliced for Garnishing


1. Whip the whipping cream, lemon zest, Icing sugar until soft peaks.

2. Layer the glass with Sponge Cake, [You can Take any flavor of sponge Cake, Even you can use Brownies as well, and to make it more convenient you can always use cookies or biscuits layer :)], 3.

3. Then layer it with Soft, smooth and yummy whipped cream.

4. Then put a layer of Fruits  (Note: you can use other fruit of your choice as well)

5. Again you can repeat these layers up to your glass get filled. Pour some Chocolate sauce, and Strawberry sauce.

6. Decorate it with some colorful vermicelli and almonds, and some sliced Apples.

7. Put it in a fridge for sometime to chill and then serve.


  1. Wonderful...this must be so super tasty and fun to eat....thanks...

  2. interesting dessert.. colorful one too

  3. That looks really nice! Very colourful too

  4. What a treat this dessert is! Love the layers and the colors too.

  5. Simple is always best! What a refreshing, light dessert.. perfect for summer!!

    1. Indeed dear Pack Momma....Thank you for stopping by :)

  6. Looks Interesting and tempting!! Colour Gul and easy to make. Thanks for sharing.