Monday 17 August 2015

Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding

Derived from the Arabic word for “Sweet”, the term halwa (Pudding) or similar is used in countries around the world to refer to countless varieties of nut- or flour-based confectionery. This semolina-based version, popular throughout in India.

This one is the Twisted version of making Suji halwa at home, The difference in these recipe is due to the proportion of ghee, Suji (semolina) and milk/water added to make the final Dessert. for the Suji halwa to taste good…..It should be roasted well enough without ghee and then with ghee.

I am adding chocolate truffle and Hazelnuts in it and made it more Yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, This will be called "Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding". I love the flavor of Hazelnuts. The main thing behind making this dish is to have a simple yet rich in taste. The chocolate truffle makes it more flavorful and its simply melt in a mouth, and feels like a heaven. Although, The aroma of chocolate...Ohhh I love it, When we decided to make something with chocolate, I was so so excited and was thinking that I will do this and that....and finally land up with this. :)

We are starting Our "FOODIE MONDAY BLOG HOP" in which we will post a Theme Based recipes which we will be decided by blog hop Members!!! Anybody who wants to join the Group is welcome to join our Group....That will be more appreciable, and we can learn more and more from each other.


1 cup semolina (Sooji)
3/4 cup sugar
3 Cup
1/2 Cup ghee
2 Tbsp Chocolate Truffle
2 Tbsp Almond, chopped
2 Tbsp Ice cream (Any flavor of your choice)


1. In a separate pan warm up the ghee on medium high and add cardamom seeds and semolina (Sooji) in it. Keep on stirring it till the semolina turns a bit darker or golden brown. (Note: You can not leave the semolina unattended now since it can stick in the pan & burn up easily.)

2. Now add Water in it, stir it well for 10 minutes once the water dries up and the semolina puffs a little bit add the Sugar and mix well, cover the pan and let it simmer for 5 minutes.

 3. Now, When all the ingredients mixed properly, Take out in a bowl and add chocolate truffle in it and mix properly. Add some chopped Almonds, you can serve it with some Ice cream and fruits this will look so so delicious!!