Monday 10 July 2017

100th Blogpost of Foodiemonday

A "Foodiemonday Bloghop" this name, This beautiful journey was started with me :) The thought of making this community popped up in my mind someday on June 2015. I started my blogging career not in a serious way in 2014. Gradually I started to connect with fellow bloggers, Learn t lot of things from fellow bloggers, about blogging, about cooking, new ideas, new recipes and lot more. after a year I was already connected with lot of bloggers, But I was only active on Google+ with my blog. One day thought to grow with other bloggers, to make my blogging career lil more successful. Everyone wants to grow in their own field, This was my field, A cooking Field, a blogging filed. And then I made a google plus community called "Fantastic Bloggers". There I added some bloggers whom I was knowing virtually as a blogger and viewer of my posts. And Put this Bloghop idea on the community. Initially there wasn't a good response from anyone. In fact I can say no one responded on that ;) Slowly I started to publish my blogposts on the community and tried to push the other bloggers to join it. Then I got connected with one of the blogger on a messenger, and I asked her to join it and make a bloghop event. She agreed on that and we approached another bloggers too to join the event. On a first Foodiemonday Bloghop event, There were only three bloggers, and by second  bloghop our very own +alkajena dee and +Preethi Prasad dee joined the bloghop and we were 5 bloggers after that. within 4th or 5th theme we started to get very good response from Foodiemonday audience, and other very talented bloggers joined us. later we were 14 bloggers on board, and Foodiemonday is everywhere on social media. The journey during this bloghop event was not so easy, lot of ups and downs came during this journey. Many bloggers left the bloghop bcoz of some reasons, new bloggers joined us, But #Foodiemonday was on its way to grow.

I have lot of memory with this event. We all bloggers share our blogging queries on our group, our personal things on group. We enjoy our group like family. The fights when we are going to select the next theme, the different thoughts of everyone, the objection of some decisions . After all we are ladies, So this is very common that views and thoughts of different ladies with different region. But the bond is strong, I always believe when you have support of your elders you will always go in right direction. The elders in our group Alka dee, Preethi dee, Sujata dee, Mayuri dee, Saswati they always tried to make group smooth and understandable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to give a life to this group. The younger and super talented people of our group are Pushpita, kriti, and the other new joinies. I do miss two of my favorite bloggers who were in this group, but bcoz of their personal problems they left the group, +Rupal Patel and +Flavour Diary (Habeeba nisa) I miss you girls both :) Thank you each and everyone to make Foodiemonday so lively and successful.
This Foodiemonday bloghop gave me all the success in my blogging career, Lot of things changed in my life during blogging, bcoz of blogging, and the most bcoz of Foodiemonday event.

Here, We reached to 100th Foodiemonday Blogpost and its a big achievement itself. I cant believe it that we already on our 100th foodiemonday blogpost. I am proud of myself to achieve this goal in my blogging career. Its our Golden anniversary and We all will take you on a tour of our Foodiemonday journey. Take a look of the collection of my recipes which I did publish during my Foodiemonday bloghop journey.

1) Eggless Chocolate Mousse

2) Mini Bread Pizza

3) Mini Ghevar with kesar Rabdi 

4) Coconut and Khus Cooler 

5) Makhni Daal

6) Coconut Sandwich

7) Saffron Flavored Dryfruit Rice

8) Sponge Rasgulla

9) Eggless Mango Tiramisu 

 10) Cherry and Nuts Brown Rice Kheer 

11) Jhal Muri  

12) Besan Gatte ki Curry

13) Chocolate Cake Balls 

14) Strawberry Cream Dessert

15) Go Green Sizzler

16) Nutella Chocolate Dessert

17) Watermelon and Mint Salad

18) Baked Donuts 

19) Mango Mastani



  1. What a lovely compilation, Waagmi. I am drooling over so many of the dishes you have posted here. Fabulous photos as well.

    Happy to be a part of Foodie Bloghop.

  2. Beautiful collection Waagmi! Your clicks are always a visual treat. Glad to be a part of Foodie Bloghop event 😃

  3. After all this time now I know how the group started. Congratulations on your achievement Waagmi and in spite of all the ups and downs we all have persevered. I've gained so much from this group, the biggest being the the challenges with each theme, making me think out of the box and also working with so many different personalities, how to overcome disappointments and celebrate joys. I love you photos so much, not complicated, look crisp and elegant every time.

  4. Congratulations dear. Drooling over your gorgeous food pictures. Lovely collection. Looking forward to more from you 😊

  5. Congratulations Waagmi...Thanks for creating this blog hop.It's through this group that I got to know you all and have grown as a blogger and emotionally as a human being.��

  6. Congratulations.....for your achievement

  7. Hearty Congrats dear!!! Wonderful collection!! Keep rocking.

  8. Congratulations!!!That is a lovely compilations of awesome recipes. Bookmarking a few and love the pictures. Happy to be a part of your lovely group!!

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