Monday 25 July 2016

Malpua Rabdi

India, this is a country with full of interesting traditions of different religion, This is also a place of different varieties of food, including Traditional and non-traditional sweets. Traditional Sweets have a huge number of different varieties of sweets. You will find number of sweets from Kashmir to kanyakumari and from Gujarat to West Bengal. North Indian Sweets are as rich in taste and full of flavors, As in If you go to Rajasthan You will find Royal Sweets which are fully loaded with Desi Pure Ghee, (Pure Clarified Butter), And what to say about Bengali Sweets, They are as sweet as the people of Bengal.  Huge varieties of Bengali sweets are the most popular in India. 

Coming back to your Hometown is the most amazing feeling, and when its at your momies place...I even can’t explain the feelings. This is the most tickling feeling when I was counting my days to come back at the place where you born and brought up, your childhood were full of joy at that place, your friends, and the areas where you used to go every day. No doubt, there is a huge difference when I was in ahmedabad, Then and Now, The city is full of Traffic, huge infrastructures, and standard of living is changed. I am enjoying every moment, sometimes the traffic irritates me a lot, I hate to drive after 6 o’clock here....But at the same time love to go on drive late night with my favourite music, Of course I miss you Himanshu... Late night drive, the roads are bit empty, somehow slow and bit rough driving...This moments are amazing. And the food, So many new restaurants, varieties of food, But Being a Rajasthani Girl I must need to try my hands in all the popular Rajasthani traditional sweet recipes. Everyone must have heard about the most popular recipe and amazing combination of Malpua and Rabdi. But when this Malpua batter is made with Rabdi and then again serve with rich and delicious Rabdi then the combination is by far outstanding. Its very normal that when we are at our mom’s place, She treat us like a princess, every time when I am at home, she used to make food of my choice only, and everyone at home have to east that only which I want ;) I know sometimes its torture for my brothers..Lol But thts Ok..I enjoy that also ;) and they tease me with different names which I literally don’t like.

Every mom loves to serve their kids a food which they like, It’s so rare when She got treated like a queen by her kids. When you stay as a single family at home, Somewhere you feel that “I wish someone make this food for me” ....I do feel this sometimes when I was in Doha..This same feeling I was wondering for my mom, As she used to make these much different varieties of food for her three kids. So I decided to give a treat to her in our 50th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop Event, with the theme of #TraditionalSweets . Its a Golden Jubilee for our Foodiemnonday Team.  My Mom loves Malpua and I dedicate this Post to my Mother who is a big lover of Malpua and rabdi. I served this extremely delicious Traditional Sweet of Rajsthan to her and she was so so happy by enjoying them. Feeling Proud to our Foodiemonday Bloghop Team, The Outstanding performance from each one in every bloghop. And I wish this will stay continue and many more bloghop are way to come. Congratulations to Foodiemonday Team...Three cheers to all of you guys ....This is Our Foodiemonday Team, who are the talented bloggers.


 Waagmi Soni
Alka Jena
Preethi Prasad
Sujata Roy
Habeeba Nisa
Rupal Patel
Mayuri Patel
Saswati Hota
Pushpita Vikramjit Abiham
Kriti Singhal Agarwal

How to make Malpua


500 ml Full Fat Milk
1 Cup All purpose Flour
½ tsp Powder Sugar
½ Cup Milk
¼ tsp Baking powder
1 Cup Sugar
½ Cup Water
½ tsp Cardamom Powder
4-5 Saffron strands


1.       Heat a deep pan with milk and bring the milk to the boil and reach the quantity of ¼ thick.

2.       Let the thick milk come to the room temperature, then add Flour in it and mix it well.

3.       Now add Powder Sugar and Milk and make the batter with dropping consistency.

4.    Meanwhile, let’s make sugar syrup, For this Take a deep pan and add Sugar and water and cook it until the one strand of Sugar syrup is ready. Add cardamom powder and saffron strands in it.

5.       Now take a non-stick pan and apply ghee on it, and add one spoonful of batter on it spread it lil and cook the Malpua well from both the sides.

6.       Take out it from the pan and dip it in sugar syrup and put them in another plate.
7.       Now serve it with Rabdi and garnish them with Pistachio and Almonds and some Rose petals.



  1. I am drooling Waagmi. Malpua looks so tempting.

  2. Looks so lovely this Rajasthani sweet Waagmi.. I's so colourful too.. Love it.. :)

  3. Tempting Rajasthani Malpua Rabdi! Beautiful shots as always Waagmi.����

  4. Wow Malpua made with rabdi batter ...that's awesome Waagmi.Congratulations to you too on our 50 th Bloghop.

  5. I so love malpua and rabdi. The first time I had it was at the Juhu ISKCON. Your post brought back sweet memories. My late father in law would always get malpua whenever we visited India.He too loved them. We both would relish them. I tried making them once but the malpua just separated in the oil. Don't know what went wrong.I like your version of making it on the the tawa. Will bookmark this recipe to try it.