Saturday 7 November 2015

Dryfruit Pizza

Diwali is just right on the corner, and lots and lots of varieties of sweets, snacks and many more posts are on Air, That's the huge celebration in India!! After all, Its a big Festival of India..So, Have you started making dry snacks, Sweets and your different dishes which you love to serve to your guests and of course your Family Members..?

Well, I am very far away to my country India, So I miss this festival preparation and that enthusiasm to celebrate it... Me and My Mom loved to try different Snacks, Different Sweets, and yes the authentic Diwali recipes too...Ohhh Seriously Miss you Mom !!!!

The Excitement of the celebration is too too High....Last time Diwali was not so much good, As we did not have any friends or circle here, But this year, There are so many families and friends will be there to enjoy together...This time we all will celebrate it together and have lotsss of fun!!!

So, For that we are planning menus that what will be the sweets, snacks and varieties for our kids too :) Trying to make something easy but in different style, Here Tried a different version of Kaju katli in pizza style...You can simply make kaju katli by this recipe too... This Dryfruit Pizza are so so tempting in taste...Its a very easy and quick recipe to try...You can top it with whatever topping you like...I used Cream, Different colors of Sweet Boondi (Nukti) chopped almonds, cashews,!! You can use Black Raisins too as that will look like a olives in your regular Pizza ;) Everyone will love this colorful sweet, So Do try it in this Diwali..and Impress your family and guests on the festival :)
check out the step y step recipe, For that you will need:

Preparation Time: 1 hours
Cooking Time : 15 minutes
Serves: 4 to 5


100 gm Cashews
50 gm Powder Sugar
1/3 Cup Cashew, Almonds, Walnuts, Chopped
2 Tbsp Raisins


1. Wash the cashew properly 3 to 4 times and soak them for half to one hour.

2. After an hour, Drain the water from cashews and make smooth paste in mixer.

3. Now, Take a Nonstick Pan and add this Cashew paste in it and add Powdered Sugar as well...Mix them well with the help of Spatula....Keep in mind that we have not turn on the gas yet!

4. After mixing Cashew paste and sugar, Turn on the gas and keep on mixing the mixture with spatula and cook it until it leaves the pan, and check, Does the mixture rolling with your spatula? It should not be sticky. finally it will be firm as a soft dough. (Note: To check the mixture, Take a small ball from the mixture and try to roll it in your hands, If it is not sticking in your palm, That means its ready..If it is still sticking, You need to cook it for few more minutes.)

5. Now, add chopped Nuts and mix them well. Meanwhile add the Raisins too. and Mix them all very well. Now switch off the gas. (Note: Instead of raisins you can use Fig as well..Just simply finely chop them and add it)

6. Take out this mixture and place it in a bowl. Let it to cool, Not so cool , it should be warm.

7. Now, Take a Butter Paper and place this Mixture dough on it and put another butter paper on it and roll it, cut them like pizza slices!! And put them in a freeze for half an hour. Serve it with Dryfruits toppings or whatever you like just top it and Enjoyyy them...(Note: After rolling this dough you can also Decorate it by Silver Varq, I was searching for that, But could not find it, so did not use it...If you get that, You can decorate it with this..)



  1. So proud of you darling. True social media is being flooded by sweets and savouries and when people like you add their innovation to the age old sweets, its such a pleasure and so wonderful to see. I truly commend your creativity and I totally loved this. Looks so pretty and will be loved by one n all. I am in love with your dry fruit pizza. Very well Done Sweetie. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday's sweet gesture on BAL.

    1. Ohhhh Thank you so so much dear Piyali....And its always my pleasure to appreciate my mentor!!! Thank you so so much dear!! :)

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