Monday 9 November 2015

Mocha Balushahi

Balushahi (also spelled Bhadushah) are made from a stiff dough made with all purpose flour, ghee and a pinch of baking soda. They are fried in ghee or oil and dunked in thick sugar syrup so that there is a sugar coating. They are very sweet, but tasty with a slightly flaky texture.

Balushahi is a traditional dessert in northern Indian Cuisine, Pakistani Cuisine, Nepali cuisine and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients, but differs in texture and taste. In South India, a similar pastry is known as Badushah.

In India's diverse languages, sweets are called by numerous names, one common name being Mithai They include sugar, and a vast array of Ingredients such as different flours, milk, milk solids, fermented foods, root vegetables, raw and roasted seeds, seasonal fruits, fruit pastes and dry fruits. Diwali and sweets are inseperable. Without relishing mouth watering sweets of diwali, No one can actually get the spirit of Diwali celebrations. The Five day festival of Diwali is celebrated with rituls of Lakshmi Pooja, Sweets and crackers. Diwali could be more memorable by preparing these sweets at home and serving your near and dears!!

Check out the very Famous Balushahi recipe but here I am oresenting this with lil twist...Its a Mocha Flavor Balushahi ! This is Our 13th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop Event, and The theme is #diwalisweets ....I was too excited to share this recipe with you all!!! Check out the step by step recipe!


1 Cup Maida
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
3 Tbsp Curd
3Tbsp  Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Ghee for fry


1. Sieve the baking Soda and Maida in a Bowl and Mix well.

2. Now add Ghee and make the mixture crumbly! Then add curd and combine it well.

3. Now, Make a dough and keep it aside for at least half an hour!

 3. Take a little dough and prepare a round shape.

4. In another frying pan, add water along with sugar and let it boil till it gets one-string consistency.

5. In a non-stick pan, Heat Ghee to deep fry the Balushahis. Once Ghee becomes hot, fry the prepared balls until they turn golden in shade.

6. Take out the Balushahis and let them cool then keep in sugar syrup for about 2 minutes and then remove.

Balushahis are ready to serve.!!!

How to make Mocha 


4 Tbsp Milk Powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder
1/2 tsp Mocha coffee
1 Tbsp Powder Sugar
1 Tbsp Butter
2-3 Drops Vanilla Essence


1. Take a bowl and mix all these Ingredients and fill this mixture in a piping bag. keep it Aside!
Now Top this Mocha mixture on Balushahi and sprinkle some chocolate vermicelli on it.


Happy Diwali to all my friends!! Enjoyyyy and stay safe!!