Thursday 18 December 2014

Traditional Daal Baati and Churma

Rajasthani food is incomplete without the mention of the famed Dal-Baati-Churma. What started as a picnic food has become a distinctive cuisine of the State. It consists of baatis or flaky round breads baked over firewood or over kandas (i.e. cow dung cakes) as done in villages. Baatis can be baked in a gas tandoor or an electric oven as well. Bafla or steamed baatis are also very popular. But one thing common for baatis, irrespective of their cooking technique is that they are always served dipped in ghee accompanied with panchmel or panch kutti dal and churma. The dal is cooked with ghee, the masalas in the dal are fried in ghee and more ghee is mixed into the dal before serving.  The three together, simple though they sound, make a very filling meal. No Rajasthani festive or wedding menu is complete without this popular recipe.


1/4 cup Split green gram skinless (dhuli moong dal)
1/4 cup Split black gram skinless (dhuli urad dal)
1 cup Split Bengal gram (chana dal)
1/4 cup Red chilli powder
1  tsp Ginger,chopped 2 inch piece
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2  tsp Cumin seeds
A pinch of Asafoetida
2 Whole dry red chillies broken stemmed
3 Cloves
2 Green cardamoms
1 inch Cinnamon stick
2 Bay leaves
5-6 Curry leaves
1 cup tomato puree
2 medium Green chillies chopped
Salt to taste
4 tablespoons Oil
1/4 cup Fresh coriander leaves chopped
1 medium Lemon
2 cups Whole wheat flour (atta)
1 teaspoon Carom seeds (ajwain)
1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
 1 cup Pure ghee for soaking and serving



1. Soak moong dal, urad dal and chana daal in about three cups of water for an hour.

2. Boil the daals with turmeric and salt till done and mash them properly with the back of a round ladle.

3. Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds, asafoetida, dry red chillies, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamoms, curry leaves, ginger, green chillies, tomato puree and red chilli powder. Saute till the oil surfaces.

4. Add the cooked daals to this and blend properly. Finish off with juice of lemon and chopped coriander leaves.


1. Take Atta in a bowl. Add salt, baking powder and half a cup of pure ghee. Mix well. Add sufficient water and knead into a stiff dough. Preheat oven to 180°C.


2. Take lemon sized portions. Press firmly and roll into round balls.

3. Grease a baking tray. Place the baatis on it. Press them slightly.

4. Place the tray in the preheated oven and bake at 180°C till done. It may take fifteen minutes to half an hour.

5. When done, serve it hot with a bowl full of pure ghee to soak baatis and daal.


1. Grind the baati in a blender into a fine powder.

2. Add the almonds, cardamom powder and powdered sugar and mix well.

3. Store in an air-tight container.

4. Serve with dal-baati.

This is a very Heavy Meal....After having it you will definately want to sleep after having heavy ghee.....So for sometimes its ok if we are having this much heavy meal....I always burn atleast 200 kcal in Gym after having this yummy yet heavy meal....

Enjoyyy the Rajsthani Taste!!!


  1. yuummm..... Good to eat in small quantities. Who can resist tasty bhati and dal

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