Monday 11 May 2015

Power Punch Paratha (Kid's Special)

We have often heard doctors talk about the benefits of a healthy breakfast. A healthy start to a long day is important to keep up you and your kids pace and finish all your chores in time. But, having the same cereals, oats and porridge for breakfast everyday can be so boring that kids might want to avoid the  meal altogether.

Here, I am presenting easy to prepare and provide the right boost of energy to kick-start yours as well as your kid's day. As My lil daughter is growing up, I am planning to send her in a preschool, So I am very much tensed and nervous as well, because she don't eat that much.....In a whole day I just try to feed her something, normally in morning I start her day with Milk, and after 5- 10 minutes give her a Dryfruit powder Paste or sometimes powder only....In lunch she likes to have Roti or chapati with any kind of Daal, she likes Moong daal too much, But after having lunch, she don't eat anything, if its already 2-3 hours gone!!! So, In that time I am so much worried, that what should I give her so she grab it very quickly......yesterday I just made these parathas and trust me she had it full.....I was so so happy!!! And think that Many of moms out there may have this problem, You can try these parathas and your kid will have it for sure!!! The ingredients are so healthy, It has Paneer, Chana Daal, and most healthy ingredient is Soya nugets or granules you can take!!! Do check out the recipe and share your comments!! :))))))))))))


½ cup Chana Dal (Bengal gram lentils), par boiled
½ cup Soya Nugets or granules, soaked
3 Tbsp Paneer (If possible take homemade paneer)
Salt to taste
Red chlli powder - As per taste
2 Spring Onions, finely chopped
2 tbsp Coriander (chopped)
1 cup Whole wheat flour
Ghee for cooking



In a bowl put chane ki daal and  grated paneer, soaked Soya badi chopped or granules, salt, pepper, coriander, chopped spring onions. Mix well.

For Parantha:

1. Take kneaded dough . Make 3-4 small dough balls .

2. Roll out each ball into small roundels and fill each with the filling. Then roll out each in to round shape Parathas.

3. Cook each filled paratha on a tava. Smear each side of the Paratha with ghee until both sides are brown.

Cut in cute shapes and Serve hot.



  1. WOW!!This is awesome dear.. Great idea

    1. Thank you so much kushi!!!! lots of love to u!!!

  2. This is supremely delicious my dear. What a fantastic idea to give the little ones their total protein requirement. I can see how supremely Delish the platter looks and can imagine that your visually inviting creative plating must have attracted your little one firstly to the dish. Then after the yummy first bite she would surely have finished her portion happily without much ado.

    1. indeed Piyali, she loved it so much!!!! Thanks a ton swthrt!!!! Big hug to you!!! :::))))))))))