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"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join me. Life is so endlessly delicious.” Meet Wagmee, the Chef, the photographer, recipe developer of this Blog and a mother of a beautiful and adorable baby girl PRISHA.

The blog Which features Simple Indian Vegetarian recipes, healthy recipes, kids recipes, Baking recipes, Indian festival recipes, traditional Vegetarian recipes and lot more. I regular search some recipes throughout the internet, magazines and newspapers and some through TV show’s which are the great inspiration of mine. My hubby is my backbone, He always appreciate my efforts and he is the only person on who I experiment my all the dishes ;) and the sweet thing is he always pimp up my innovation. Sometimes he guide me to enhance the flavor of some dishes which I about to make and discuss with him, that If I add this or that. :)

By academic, I’m a Chemical Engineer, Since a childhood I love to cook, I started cooking at the age of 15, as an interest in my mom’s kitchen. My Mother is my Great Inspiration, Some of her recipes which I cannot reach up to that Point, But I always try to make at least a successful attempt of her recipes.

The main aim of starting this blog is to inspire others to cook. Being a Pure vegetarian, you will find only vegetarian recipes in this site. Here you will find Indian Vegetarian recipes both South Indian and North Indian, day to day cooking recipes, traditional recipes, festival recipes with step by step pictorial. My special interest is in Baking, I love to Bake, As I want to take a professional Training in Baking with some popular baking institute. Each recipe in this site has been tried and tested many times.

My hobbies except cooking are Music, I am a diehard Music Lover, My favorite Bands are BSB (Backstreet Boys), Blue, Poets of fall and nowadays I am a fan of Justin Bieber and I love to hang out with friends and shopping as I’m big shopaholic.
Please visit again. I hope you’ll like my recipes and share your precious comments for inspiring me even more. If you have any query and suggestions please feel free drop a comment, Please don't post any harsh comments, as It will be deleted.

You can mail me at: wagmee0502@gmail.com Thanks for visiting my cooking website :)
I am always glad to share my recipes and listen something about my recipes from you all !!

Happy cooking !! Happy Baking !! :) Cooking is Really Funn Guysss :))

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