Monday 29 June 2020

Veggie Bean Burger (kids platter)

Kids meal is something we always think what to give by keeping the nutrition in our mind, Good amount of protein, vitamins, and calcium. many other things too. My daughter is that kid who eats almost everything (touchwood). yeah sometimes she gets bored if i keep giving her roti sabzi and daal. then she will tell me mom no Roti today pls. so I try to give her something else but definitely I keep things on healthy way.

For example, she loves pasta in white sauce, I make white sauce with whole wheat, by adding milk and cheese. Pasta i use wheat and semolina one. You will not love the taste, it will almost come as you make with maida.

Here, again we are back with our foodiemonday bloghop event, and this time we are back with #munchkinmeals. and when i told this to prisha that this time we are going to make soemthing for kids meal. on the spot she told me mom plss make burgers, she is actually a McD veggie burger fan. but here since 6 months Veggies burger in McD is not available. and she do miss that. here I tried making burger but with kidney beans. She dont like beans. well, she told me mom plss dont add it, she knows there's no Rajma in McD burger but I tried to convince her that you will love it. and she said Ok mumma. And I am glad she loved it and told me mom I love it. I made this platter for her in her lunch yesterday. she loves those Swiss roll cakes and fresh juices.

This theme was suggested by Narmadha and she wanted us to share some recipes which kids normally dont eat and we can feed them. Please check her space for lovely recipes at

There are many recipe I like from her blog few are here linked, take a look at:

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chapati Noodles

Here I tried the healthy burger recipe to please my kid.

This platter has :

#veggieburger (Homemade)
#Swissrollcakes (not homemade)
#Freshorangejuice (Homemade)
#Somefruits (god made)


1 Cup boiled kidney beans (Rajma), rinsed and drained
1/2 cup Cooked brown rice
1/2 red bell pepper, cut small
1 Clove garlic, peeled
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp salsa
1/2 cup bread crumbs


Drain and rinse beans. Dry the beans before putting in a food processor. Pulse until slightly mashed.
Chop red bell pepper and onion into medium pieces. Add to the food processor with garlic. Pulse.
Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until well mixed.
Form into patties and place on wax paper.  Freeze for 2 hours.
On a Pan lightly oil a skillet and cook on medium heat. Cook 7 minutes on each side.

Your burger patties is ready to go in burger.

Assembling of burger:

Take a small burger bun apply some butter on it, then apply some tomato ketchup, put one cheese slice, then your burger patties again add one more cheese slice, and finally add some purple (red) shredded cabbage. You can add lettuce, My kid she don;t like lettuce.

Serve it in your kids plate with some fruits and cake and some fresh juice.


  1. Firstly the platter is too very appealing and any kid wouldn't say No . The burger recipe is also so healthy and loaded with veggies that it will get over without a fuss

  2. When Burger King first time came out with beans burgers as a veggie option, they quickly became very popular and many tried replicating them at home. Best way to get kids and adults to get the required protein from rajma other than just making rajma chawal.

  3. The entire platter looks so inviting and lovely way to include beans in burger. Very healthy and nutritious meal

  4. I love the patties you have made here, using red rice and rajma. So healthy and delicious! The platter looks so beautiful no kid would ever say no to it. :)

  5. Such a tempting platter loaded with wholesome goodness of beans, fruits and veggies! Loved the beautiful pic too!

  6. I always love your food styling and photography. This burger platter looks awesome. God made fruits and a mom made burger wow great combo. Burger with kidney beans patties sounds so healthy and absolutely delicious.

  7. Waagmi - the entire platter is ao inviting, I would LOVE to be ur kid for a day atleat.. the burger, swiss roles... the pics -- out of this world:)

  8. Very tempting plate waagmi, you made burger very healthy and tasty. Surely not only kids nobody say no to these burgers. The way you served it with fruits, juice is awesome :)

  9. wow so cute hands of her which you have captured ! The burger using rajmaa looks so so healthy and delicious dear

  10. Loving these protein rich burgers.. such a nutritious and delicious meal for the whole family.. mom and dad too won't mind gobbling up these healthy treats.

  11. As long as kids eat healthy mamma are happy. Story of our lives! For this yummy platter I want to be a kid. I will want all of it and praise you to for a lovely meal.