Monday 4 June 2018

Mango salsa

I loved this salad. The mixture of the sweet fruit and the savory onion and peppers. So good. Very easy to make and you can add the more spices if you want to add.

This time on our 147th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop event, we are back with #mangoes recipes. And  I hardly made any dessert this time in summers. But wanted to try this mango salsa since long. Just last weekend I got bunch of Alphonso mangoes at home. And they are so yum. made some Aamras with that, mango lassi , and some we just cut the slices and enjoyed. Now few of them are left, So made this mango salsa with some veggies. Check out the recipe below and enjoy this salsa with any tortillas or with tacos or with any Thai recipe.


2 ripe mangoes, chopped
1/4 red onion, chopped
1/2 Capsicum, chopped
1/4 Cup Sweet corn kernels
Black pepper as per taste
Salt as per taste
1 lime, juice of
lime zest (optional)
fresh cilantro


I find the easiest way to cut up mango for this is to cut off as much as you can, slicing along the side of the pit.
Score the mango halves length ways, then cross ways, into 3/4 inch cubes, going through to the skin, but not through it.
Turn the mango halves inside out and slice off the cubes.
Toss with remaining ingredients.

serve with any tortillas or with some Tacos.



  1. Wow, the mango salad looks absolutely delectable! :)
    ~ Priya Iyer from

  2. The mango salad looks delish Waagmi and your photography makes it all the more inviting !!

  3. Mango salad looks yummilicious. Excellent click Waagmi 😊

  4. Awesome share Waagmi!So colourful and so well presented!

  5. A very tasty and colorful salad. I too love having this salad. I could just wrap it up in the roti and have it.

  6. So healthy and refreshing... Loved it :)

  7. So colorful platter Waagmi, lovely share for theme. This is a must to be prepared during summer !!

  8. Mango salsa looks so colourful and yum.Lovely clicks.

  9. Love the colors, flavors, picture everything about this post! Beautiful!!

  10. Wow, the mango salad looks absolutely delectable! :)Love the colors, flavors, picture everything about this post! Beautiful!!