Sunday 19 February 2017

Sponge Rasgulla

People who loves to cook, and who love to serve their loved once home made food, They will always love to try new recipes and new innovations of food. For that, many of us who watch the food shows, or If they went to someone's home or to friend's home, If they tried to serve you something different, You are definitely going to ask about the recipe ;) That Please give me the recipe of this dish or that dish. Nowadays, a trend is like, when you post some food picture on your whatsapp group, or Facebook group the next message or comment will be " Share the recipe plss" ;) So, We all are used to ask and write about the recipes in our personal or secret recipe book.

Well, Me and mom are so much fond of cooking. Before marriage, when I was with her, There's a Tv show called "Rasoi Show", I dont know still its on air or not, But we both were used to fix our seats sharp at 2 o'clock in the noon, in front of Tv. The one hour show and four recipes. We love that show and learnt lot of recipes from that show. and you wont believe that me and mom have almost 14 recipe books which we have written that time. Ohhh I really miss those days. And If we have all the ingredients available, we both cant stop ourselves and straight away went to try it. 90% they turned well, sometimes may be we dont like the taste, or sometimes we are failed to develop the taste. There were so many chefs in that show, My favorite were Parul modi and kaamini Shah. Amazing chefs and always come up with beautiful recipes.

Meanwhile when I bought the microwave oven, That time I used to buy some recipe books and wanted to try that dishes. There's something in my mind that to make Rasgulla is very difficult. and at the same time, I was thinking that Ohhhh Rasgulla is not so that much attractive recipe to try. ;) So never tried to make it, always ate them :) But this time, I am watching that prisha loves Rasgulla a lot. Once I called my friend for dinner, and she came with tin of Rasgulla. I asked prisha to try it, Like every child, Children never say yes in first time, I forced her to taste it. and I dont know by chance or what she liked it. she asked me to feed her second piece. I gave her the half one. and then she was full. Then again once we went to buy some grocery in supermarket, she saw that can and asked me to buy it that she wants to eat them. and I took the can. That time only when our Foodiemonday people decided to make dish from the cookbook, and I had one Sanjeev kapoor's cookbook who have the recipe of Sponge Rasgullas, Though I dont have that book here in doha with me, So I called mom and asked her to give me recipe from the book, and see, the outcome is here. :) Loved loved the recipe, So easy to make and turned out really really well. So you guys must got to know that right??? That this time our theme is #Cookbookcooking. And For this bloghop my contribution is these Sponge Rasgulla recipe from Sanjeev kapoor's cookbook. The Rasgulla originated in the present-day Odisha, as Khir Mohana. It has traditionally been offered as a special offering to goddess Lakshmi a day after the famous Ratha Yatra or car festival at Jagannath Temple, Puri. While the exact dates are not known, the ritual seems to have existed for at least 600 years. So, Rasgulla is surely centuries old. In the coastal city of Puri in Odisha, the Rasgulla has been the traditional offering (bhog) to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. To prepare Rasgulla, the cheese mixture is formed into small balls. These balls are then simmered in a sugar syrup. It can also be prepared using a pressure cooker or an oven. While serving add a drop of rose water (only organic and edible type of rose water, not rose perfume or synthetic flavors) to enhance the flavor and taste. Check out the recipe below and Enjoyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 liter Milk
1.5 Cup Sugar
2 lemon, juice
Saffron strands to decorate

1. Take a big heavy deep pan and pour milk for boiling. Once milk starts boiling, turn off the gas and make milk cool down, keep it little warm. Add water in lemon juice.

2. Mix little lemon juice at a time in milk and mix well. Add lemon juice until milk starts to .

3. Once milk starts to curdle stop adding lemon juice in milk. Strain the curdled milk in any muslin cloth. Spread cloth over sieve and place a utensil beneath the sieve. Pour curdled milk on top of the cloth. All water will drain out in utensil kept beneath the sieve and chena will be left on the top. Pour 1-2 cup cold water on chena so that it becomes cool and the savory flavor of lemon juice gets washed away. Cover chena from all sides and squeeze rest of water. Soft chena is ready.

4. Take out chena in any plate and with help of your hands mash and knead to make it soft and tender. Divide the chena in 10-12 parts. Take one part and bind it with hands giving it a shape of ladoo. Place this ball in any plate. Like wise prepare all balls.

5. Cook Rasgullas in pressure cooker, Add sugar and 4 cup water in pressure cooker and let it boil. When it starts boiling place the entire prepared balls in cooker one by one. Cover it with lid and let it simmer once. After it simmers once reduce the flame and cook for 7-8 minutes more.

6. Take cold water in any utensil and place pressure cooker in it. Cool the cooker or place it below water tap so that it becomes cool quickly. Open with alertness and take out Rasgullas along with sugar syrup in a bowl and make them cool down. After 5-6 hours Rasgullas become more sweet and tasty. Serve chilled sponge Rasgullas.


  1. Beautiful spongy Rosogollas Waagmi!

  2. What a share Dear and the pics look wow.

  3. Fantastic Share Waagmi!! Love these soft rasgullas

  4. Your recipe brings back lots of memories Waagmi. The first time I ever tasted rasgulla was when I got married and my mother in law made them. Fell in love with them and learnt how to make them from her. Its been ages since I've made as I just go and buy them from the ISKCON temple here. But I too can vouch that making rasgullas and ras malais is pretty easy.

  5. Rasgulla looks perfect spungy and yummy Waagmi. Lovely share.