Monday 20 April 2020

Potato smileys

We normally buy the Mccan Potato smileys, hence, I never bought them neither made them. This time in our Foodiemonday bloghop event, the them was suggest by Priya which is Cooking with kids. As kids are home and they are enjoying their online classes, still they are getting enough time for play, Tv and their Tablets too. here on weekend me and Prisha tried to make those very famous Mccan Potato smiley and she really enjoyed making eyes and smiles of potatoes. even she wanted to fry them too, but she is just 7 and of course I cant let her work near hot oil. but she rolled, cut and shaped all of them. 

They are actually very easy to make and fun too. amazing snack you can have anytime, whether its tea time snack, or late night snack. You must make this smileys at home in this lock down period. you will definite love it. check out the recipe below and Enjoyy..:)


3 boiled potato
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Chili powder
1/4 tsp pepper powder
2-3 Tbsp Cornflour / Cornstarch
2 Tbsp dry Bread crumbs
Oil for Deep frying


1. Take boiled potatoes and grate them. Now take them in a bowl along with all the other ingredients except cornflour , breadcrumbs and oil.

2. Mix everything well.

3. Now add in cornflour and bread crumbs mix well. Shape it into dough.

4. Put this dough in fridge and let it rest and chill for 1 hour.

5. Now divide the dough into equal portions. Shape each portion into a smooth ball.

6. Take a ball, flatten it out. Now use a straw to make two eyes and a spoon to make smile.

7. Heat oil for deep frying. Drop the smiles in hot oil and fry till it is crispy.

Drain in paper towel. Serve with ketchup.

As the theme was suggested by Priya, She owns really nice blog plss check some really nice recipe from her blog:


Plss go and check her blog by clicking above links and you will enter in heaven of food. :)


  1. Wow this is amazing. I always wanted to make potato smileys but thought it was individually cut potatoes. This one looks good to try. I am surely making this for kids

  2. Kids favorite snack!! Such an easy recipe .. kids will love to crave out the eyes and smiley on these!! Wonderful share!

  3. So nice that you and your daughter enjoyed making these smileys.... I too love the Macain Potato Smileys.. had them first time in India. Now I have a recipe I can follow to make this fun snack.

  4. Such cute potato Smileys! My daughter loves these, but I have never tried making them at home. Now, with your simple recipe, I can! :)

    1. Plss do try... its easy... she will love it :)

  5. cute and attractive smileys. I had disaster making smiley once where oil spluttered and now this tempts me to try again. My kids will finish this in no time.

    1. You know I was feeling the same, but just add little good amount of cornstarch you will get better result :) Many thanks for stopping by :)

  6. It is so much fun to involve kids in cooking. These potato smilies looks fab . I will definitely try it for my little one.

  7. Potato smilies looks so beautiful. Kids or adult its everyone's favourite. Now I have a full proof recipe. Will try it soon.

  8. I am sure Prisha enjoyed making these gorgeous smileys. It is so easy and quick to make . Delicious share .

  9. Such a pretty smiley potatoes, it looks very amazing and sounds very interesting. It's in my wish list from many days, now I surely try these smiley's soon.

  10. Awwww so cute these rae and that too prepared by prisha !!! Oh my goodness :)
    Loads of love to her, these are sounding very interesting to make by kids/......