Monday 26 March 2018

Blue lagoon Cooler

If you don't drink alcohol or are simply looking to drink a little less of it, there's no reason to fret: you can still enjoy the sweet pleasures of a cocktail by embracing the mock-tail. Loose the booze and instead, indulge in one of the myriad drink combinations made with sparkling water, flavored soda, fresh juices, and simple herb-and-fruit-distilled syrups. 

Blue lagoon cooler is an amazing refreshing cooler, The color of this drink always attracts me whenever we go to have some drinks or for Pizza. This refreshing drink I used to order and enjoy it with delicious pizzas or just like that. Summer has started in Qatar, and we really need some refreshing drinks or coolers these days. I got the Curacao syrup and made this cooler with some lemon juice, sprite and with some soda water. Check out the super simple recipe of this cooler and get away from the scorching heat. Enjoyyy!!


1 Cup Blue Curacao Syrup
2 tbsp Tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice
2 Tbsp Simple Sugar Syrup as per your taste
2 Cup Sprite
1 Cup soda water
Ice cubes as needed
Cherries to garnish


1. Take a Pot and add blue Curacao syrup, simple sugar syrup and lemon juice to it.

2. Now add sprite and top it with the soda.

3. Stir lightly with a spoon and garnish with cherries.

Serve and Enjoy….


  1. What a beautiful click Waagmi. I wish I could grab a glass from the picture. Lovely share.

  2. Such a droolesome share Waagmi..lovely photography as always !

  3. Love the eye-popping colour of this mocktail! I'm sure this beauty tasted great too. :)

  4. I've tasted the cocktail and love it. Brilliant idea to use the curaƧao syrup to make this colorful drink. Lovely photos.

  5. Wow what a divine colour and what a rock girl ♥️

  6. such a beautiful colour. Looks amazing!!!!

  7. This color is something out of the world..Instead of drinking in it..I want to dive straight into it! Gorgeous and delicious!

  8. Waagmi you have outdone yourself with this recipe!Beautiful pics and awesome share!

  9. Fantastic clicks!Blue Lagoon mocktail looks so refreshing.