Thursday 22 September 2016

Makki ki Baked Mathri

Cornmeal is a meal ground from dried maize (corn). It is a common staple food, and is ground to fine, medium, and coarse consistencies, but not as fine as wheat flour. Unlike flour made from wheat grains, corn meal does not contain gluten. Use corn meal in place of wheat flour in your baked foods -- finely ground corn meal yields baked goods with a smoother texture, while coarsely ground corn meal provides a crunchier texture. corn as a good source of fiber. Corn is a food that gives us plenty of chewing satisfaction, and its high ratio of insoluble-to-soluble fiber is partly the reason.

These Makki ki mathri made from Corn meal are baked stuff. It takes bit longer time to bake them, But after baking them, it tastes good instead of frying them.  So in that term, a damn healthy stuff to enjoy with tea or anytime. So here the vacations are over and school, Offices are on their track, Again now I will get time to work on my blog and a bit time for me only. ;) Though I miss you Himanshu and Prisha :) In these days I like to make something very easy and quick dry snacks, As Prisha is all ready to take them in her lunch box, and also she can munch them when she is at home after school. The schedule is now on track, like In morning, Breakfast, Tiffin, Lunch box, and to drop Prisha to her Cab....Ohoooooo, I feel like I am a superwoman Sometimes ;) 

Every time when they both went at their places, I feel like, I should turn ON AC on 22, make Silent my phone, take my blanket, and Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! I take this oath every morning when I wake up, But All is like Phewwwwww!!!! Nothing is going to be like this :( So much work at home, This and That ;) And the time is over,, Prisha is back to home!!! Lol... And then After her lunch and other stuffs I am going to prepare these Baked Makki ki Mathri and These all are here for you guys!!! So check out the recipe below and drop your comments for these healthy and flaky Makki ki baked Mathri!!!


2 Cup Makki ka Aata (Corn meal)
2-3 Tbsp Sesame Seeds
1/2 Tbsp Kasoori methi
21/2 Tbsp Oil
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper, crushed
Salt to taste
1 Cup Warm Water


1. Take a Bowl and add Corn meal (Makki ka aata) Salt, Crushed Black pepper, Kasoori methi and oil in the flour. Knead a soft dough with lukewarm water. Leave the dough covered for 10-15 minutes. Mash the dough to make it soft.

2. Preheat the Oven at 180 degree C. Take out a small lump from the dough and shape it like a ball. Flatten it a little with both hands. Now place the Mathris on a baking tray. and bake them for at least 25-30 minutes or until they turned light brown from both the sides.

3. The delicious Corn flaky Mathris are now ready to serve and eat. You can put them in air tight container and you can enjoy them for at least a month. 




  1. Mathris look so good and love the rustic looking tin. Never had cornmeal mathris... and that too baked.

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