Monday 4 May 2020

Chocolate Cold Coffee

I am a coffee addict, my day doesn't start without coffee. I love cold coffees too, with different flavors, different textures. With ice creams without ice creams. Again summer is already here, we reached almost 40 degree in doha, and this lockdown makes us hungry in every 2-3 hour :( work load is more and the options for making things at home are anyways little tough to have, bcoz everything is not available at particular time, And we cannot go to grocery shops like on everyday time. we made this chocolate cold coffee yesterday for our 4 pm tea time...but on tea time we had this ice cold chocolate cold coffee. garnished it with some whipped cream and coffee powder. check out the recipe below...its easy and yum....!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the theme suggested by Sasmita for our Foodiemonday bloghop event, theme is #Loveforcoffee. and here we all are going to present our recipes using coffee. check sasmita's blog for unique recipes you will love to try.


1 tbsp instant coffee powder
1 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp warm water
1 cup milk
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
2 tbsp chocolate sauce
1 tbsp sugar
6 cubes ice
chocolate sauce, for decoration
whipped cream, for decoration


1. Firstly, in a small bowl take 1 tbsp instant coffee powder and 1 tbsp cocoa powder.
dissolve in 2 tbsp warm water.

2.Take the choco-coffee concoction into the blender. And add milk, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream and 2 tbsp chocolate sauce.

3. Also, add 1 tbsp sugar and 6 cubes ice. blend well until the milkshake turns frothy.
pour the chocolate cold coffee into a tall glass.

finally, enjoy chocolate cold coffee garnished with whipped cream and coffee powder.



  1. I just do no want to take my eyes off that refreshing and cooling glass of cold coffee. Simply awesome and beautiful.

  2. Such beautiful clicks Waagmi. Hubby and I love our coffee and cold coffee is one of the drinks that we look forward to during the hot season. Instead of whipped cream I sometimes add a small scoop of ice cream.

  3. Beautiful clicks, Waagmi! I love cold coffee, and like the idea of adding chocolate to make it all the more delightful. :) Must make for such a refreshing drink in the hot days of summer!

  4. Love your clicks. As for coffee I love it so drooling over this tall chilled glass of cold coffee. Wishing someone serves me some.

  5. This tall cold coffee glass is so tempting. Perfect for summers to beat the heat. I would love to treat myself with this insanely delicious cold coffee anytime.

  6. Your pics are tempting me to make a chilled glass of cold coffee for myself at this time 11 at night here.. such a simple but delicious treat. I also loved these cute mini donut cakes on the side of the glass.

  7. It is getting super hot here and nothing can beat a refreshing glass of cold coffee on a Summer afternoon. Your pics really are awesome Waagmi !

  8. Please pass me that tall glass waagmi, it's very inviting. Awesome clicks that makes everyone craving for it. Must need this refreshing cold coffee in this summer.

  9. As always beautiful click Waagmi. Loved the presentation too. Pass me the glass. I love cold coffee and your looks so inviting. Can't wait to try it. Amazing share.

  10. Lovely presentation and wish you pass me that tall glass of chocolate cold coffee. Looks absolutely scrumptious

  11. awesome click Waagmi !! The glass full of chocolate cold coffee is perfect for summer hot days :)
    Such a simple yet delicious treat.

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