Monday 23 March 2020

Raspberry Lassi

Hello everyone, So I am back after long time, its almost 1 year and 7 months, I was away from blogging, was more focused with my photography projects. Blogging made me to be in touch with many people in food fraternity. I started with 1 post in one week, gradually with good response from people I started to work more seriously with blogging. At one point of time, something strike in my mind about making group in blogging by posting different recipes with one theme concept, and thats how Foodiemonday was born. Foodiemonday bloghop was my baby, is my baby. due to many things I had to took break from this, because I was not able to manage my photography projects and blogging at the same time. So I took a break. Now I am settled properly with my photography career. In blogging you make/create recipes and share it with people. It was almost not possible for me to make or create something which I can write, shoot and share with you all.

My fellow blogger friends, All the foodiemonday people, They all took care of this baby, I am so so grateful to all of them, the oldest one to the newest one. Its wonderful to see that all of them still go and go on with different themes and different recipes. I have no other words to say a big Thank you to all you my Foodiemonday ladies. :)

Here, with all my heart I am back with Foodiemonday Bloghop again. And want to be a part of it again. This time we all are back with some #Lassi recipes. And I wanted to start my blogging something sweet. Yes, Its a Sweet Lassi. A Raspberry Lassi, Indeed a delicious and Pinky way to celebrate my first post after 1.5 year, and that too with my baby foodiemonday bloghop. You can take this as a refreshing breakfast too. its healthy and refreshing berry drink. A drink with Very berry yogurt. for that you need to check out the recipe below. Check the recipe and enjoy it, do drop your comments if you try it or love to try, share your thoughts. ;)


1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup milk
1 cup frozen raspberries
2 to 4 tbsp sugar


1. Place all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth, starting with only 2 tbsp sugar.

Taste and adjust sugar as needed. Blend again if you add more sugar.
Pour into glasses. garnish with some raspberries.



  1. Brilliant captures, Waagmi!

    The raspberry lassi looks absolutely delicious and inviting. Would be so refreshing to have a glass of this beauty in the hot summer months!

  2. Welcome back Waagmi to FoodieMonday/Bloghop. Raspberry lassi looks superb. Love how the liquid is beginning to separate from the solid part. A healthy drink to beat the heat.

  3. I love raspberries in smoothies and cold drinks.. Lassi shots look so refreshing and inviting.. you came back with a bang!! Looking forward to more interesting recipes and beautiful shots from you!!

  4. Welcome back Waagmi. Happy to see your beautiful food photography again. Raspberry lassi looks super yummy. Loved the pink colour. Great start.

  5. Welcome back Waagmi. Fantastic capture. Raspberry lassi looks Super tempting.Lassi has a beautiful colour .

  6. Welcome back. I have not blogged at foodie Monday when you were there but yes it's an awesome group.
    I love the raspberry lassi looks delicious. Just right for the season.

  7. Welcome back Waagmi, happy to be part of your creation.

    Raspberry lassi sounds very interesting, and your presentation is mesmerizing. Natural colour of raspberry that paired with yoghurt looks tasty.

  8. Your pics are just making me to grab it now. Loving this lassi and yes a beautiful pinky way to comeback in blogging.

  9. Wish to grab that glass and it looks so delicious and colorful. Welcome back to blogging and happy to be part of your group. Looking forward to learn some photography skills from you

  10. Lassi using raspberries sounds and looks so beautiful! Simply in love with the pink color of this beverage...
    Welcome back though this post to the FMBH :)