Tuesday 5 April 2016

Moong Daal Salad - Ugadi / Gudi padwa Special

Ugadi is the New Year's Day for the people of Andhra Pradesh and also for the Telugu people all over the world. It is believed that the creator of the Hindu pantheon Lord Brahma started creation on this day - "Chaitra Suddha Padhyami" or the Ugadi day. Also the calculations of the great Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya proclaim the Ugadi day as the beginning of the New Year, New month and New day. The onset of spring also marks a beginning of new life with plants acquiring new life, shoots and leaves. The vibrancy of life and verdant fields, meadows full of colorful blossoms signify growth, prosperity and well-being. Maharahtrian term the same festival, observed on the same day, Gudi Padwa. The Marwari of Rajasthan celebrate the same day as their new year day Thapna. The Sindhis, people from Sindh, celebrate the same day as Cheti Chand, which is the beginning of their calendar year. The Manipuris also celebrate their New Year as Sajibu Nongma Panba on the same day. The Hindus of Bali and Indonesia also celebrate their new year on the same day as Nyepi. Everyone celebrate this new year in their way.

On Ugadi Day, people wake up before the break of dawn and take a head bath after which they decorate the entrance of their houses with fresh mango leaves. The significance of tying mango leaves relates to a legend. It is said that Kartik and Ganesha, the two sons of Lord Siva and Parvathi were very fond of mangoes. As the legend goes Kartik exhorted people to tie green mango leaves to the doorway signifying a good crop and general well-being.

Special dishes are prepared for the occasion. It is a season for ripe mangoes spreading its aroma in the air and the fully blossomed neem tree that makes the air healthy. Also, jaggery made with fresh crop of sugarcane adds a renewed flavor to the typical dishes associated with Ugadi. Preparations for the festival begin a week ahead. Houses are given a thorough wash. Shopping for new clothes and buying other items that go with the requirements of the festival are done with a lot of excitement.

Its a Moong Dal salad, A very delicious and colorful and healthy salad!! Moong daal itself is a very healthy by nutrition, I Never Ever had this salad, Tried this for first time and it turned out so so good. Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Jayashree T Rao, to give me the concept to make this, and I am so happy to learn this from you :) Contributing this recipe to her Ugadi special bloggers Contribution...and It was an honor and Pleasure to be a part of it !!! Check out her Blog for wonderful recipe at http://www.evergreendishes.com/


1/2 Cup Moong daal, Washed and soaked for an hour
2 Cup Grated Carrot
11/2 Tbsp Oil
1/2 tsp Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds
3 Tbsp shredded Coconut
1/2 tsp Green chilies, finely chopped
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/2 Tbsp Ginger, Fine paste
1 tsp salt
1/4  tsp Black pepper
1/2  tsp Sugar
3 Tbsp Coriander leaves, chopped


1. Wash the Moong dal properly, and soak it for an hour or two and drain the water.

2. We will make dressing first, For that, Take a bowl and add Lemon juice, Fine paste of Ginger, finely chopped green chilies, pepper powder, and salt, mix them all well.

3. Now heat a pan with Oil, add Cumin seeds and Mustard seeds, let them splutter..then add Green chilies. Now add Drained Moong dal and cook it by stirring it continuously for a minute or two. Turn off the gas.

4. Take it out from the gas and let it cool.

5. Now add Shredded Carrot and coconut, mix them very well.

6. Finally add dressing and chopped coriander leaves mix properly and your delicious Salad is ready to serve.


Happy Ugadi and Gudi Padwa!!!!!!!!!!!! :)